TRM 004


JUNE 28, 2022

The Resurrection Machine

Video Installation

The Resurrection Machine is a meditation on the act of recording and its various techniques. The original installation uses a VHS camcorder to record and project the setting sun’s image onto a string of CRT televisions in real-time. After tracing the descent of the sun along its winding film, the recording is stopped, rewound, and replayed; the sunset resurrected as the light of the sun moves from sky to screen.

TRM 001


JUNE 28, 2019

TRM 002


JUNE 28, 2020

This installation calls for an awareness of the media infrastructures that make possible our consumption and production of images. In an age of “cloud” storage, the user is removed from the physical imprints of their digital recordings. Recording 002 relies on a solar-powered, analog media system in order to bring forth the materiality of recorded sunset as stored data and demystify the energy expenditure this process requires.

TRM 002


JUNE 28, 2020

With each recording occuring exactly one year apart, The Resurrection Machine considers both the daily rotation of the earth as well as its annual revolution around the sun. On this larger timescale, the series asks what it means to record the sunset in the human-mediated Anthropocene. How could our recording media challenge the ways in which we experience and understand our relationship with the natural environment in order to drive us towards climate action?

TRM 003


JUNE 28, 2021

  • Credits:

  • Direction & Video: Scott Diekema
  • 001 Audio: Vijay Rajkumar & Nicholas Byrne
  • 002 Audio: Nicholas Byrne
  • 002 Solar: Cameron Champion
  • 003 Audio: Sam Lowe